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Case Study Results

CI Designs Case Study


College campus feedback

We questioned 20 college students on campus with their immediate reactions and thoughts to the old CI logo and the new Advancing the Kingdom logo.  A brief overview of the results and comments covered in the above video:

  • 16 out of the 20 voted the Advancing the Kingdom logo as their favorite.

  • 2 out of 20 voted for the current CI logo as their favorite.

  • 2 of out 20 either did not like either or were undecided in a favorite.

Words by college students describing the Advancing the Kingdom logo:

  • Moving Forward -Pushing Through Obstacles -Bold

  • Arrow -Pointing in the Right Direction -Giving Direction

  • Military terms -Going and Doing (for the kingdom)

  • Modern -Cool -Hip

Words by college students describing the current CI logo:

  • Ministry & Prayer terms -Anointed -Baptized -Healing

  • Serving Others -Hair Dresser -Humane Society

  • Religious -Cult

  • Old -Old Fashioned -Brings it Back


online survey of ci rebrand design options

56 Christian adults under the age of 45 years old with no knowledge of the brand itself weighed in on the 3 CI Rebranding options: The Lion, Advancing the Kingdom, and the Sound of Heaven.  The following questions where asked and results received:

LOGO results.jpeg
Advancing the Kingdom.png

Conclusion: Advancing the Kingdom 

In all of the testing from the college campus survey to the Christian online survey of adults under 45 years of age, the Advancing the Kingdom logo was found as the most appealing option for marketing CI in the current generation.

As per the college students responses without knowing the brand or mission, they spoke at a glance of the mission of CI.  They clearly saw that the organization was giving direction and pointing in the way to go which is the prophetic word of the Lord.  They perceived of the military prophetic army taking ground and advancing through obstacles by going and doing.  The logo speaks of a brand that is bold, modern and moving forward in this generation.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 10.26.58 PM.png

A modern logo that speaks the mission and appeals to a younger generation.  

The ADVANCING THE KINGDOM logo and branding message aligns with the vision of Christian International.  After testing and review it would be a great option for the rebrand of the ministry to reach a younger generation with the message of the prophetic.  It is a great option for growth and has the highest upside for the ministry in the future with marketing and reach.  

Red Moxie Media Recommendation

Reviewing the case study, testing and with the opinions of our in house team, we recommend the Advancing the Kingdom logo and color pallete option for the CI rebrand.

Full Version4.jpg
Full Version5.jpg
Full Version3.jpg

***The case study is solely based on the target which is the younger demographic (ages 18-45) and they have no knowledge of the brand itself.  This case study helps in understanding the marketing and current reactions of people who have no knowledge of the brand.  The results give you the best option for growing the ministry within the current culture and speaking the language of a media generation.  Take note, that brand identity of the ministry and message will become the brand identity including the logo chosen in the future.   The key is to choose a brand identity that holds true to the mission while allowing the message of the ministry to reach the maximum amount of people within the current culture.