Red Moxie Media Presentation

Nehemiah's Story




You know the story of Nehemiah;

He was living in post-exile Babylon where he served as the cupbearer to the king. His story takes place several decades after the Israelites had been released to return and rebuild Jerusalem. News reaches Nehemiah’s ears that the city of Jerusalem is in shambles and the people are living in misery. Upon hearing the news Nehemiah fasts and prays.

To make a long story short Nehemiah is released to return to Jerusalem, where upon his arrival he assess the situation, develops a plan, casts a vision and organizes the people to rebuild the wall around the city. Nehemiah believed that Jerusalem was a city worth investing in.

In developing the JCMA vision and strategy we came to the belief that Altus is a city worth investing in and thus the Nehemiah Initiative was birthed.