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In the Old Testament narrative of Nehemiah, Nehemiah is called to move out of his comfort zone and act on behalf of the hometown of his ancestors. We see several things that Nehemiah did to be successful in bringing relief to Jerusalem and rebuilding the city of God. We could say that Nehemiah saw that Jerusalem was a City worth investing in. 
Investing his treasure, his time, his energy and his life

Nehemiah’s action plan:

1. He saw the condition of the city and spoke the truth

2. He cast a vision instead of blame

3. He brought the people together for a greater cause

4. He organized the work and delegated the responsibility

5. He was able to see through the constant criticism

6. He made his purpose for rebuilding the city wall a spiritual matter

Our Action Plan:

1. As churches, we are missionaries and prophets to our own communities. We must see it as it is   and speak the truth.

2. We must agree that Altus is a city worth investing in. We do this by casting a vision for the spiritual community to come alongside the civic and civil community to accomplish our goal of rebuilding our city one person, one family, one home and one city block at a time

3. As churches, we are equipped to gather people together and shepherd them. There is only one church in Altus and its Jesus’ church. Let us shepherd the sheep of Altus!

4. We must organize and delegate the work. The world is waiting for leaders to rise up.

5. We must anticipate the criticism that will come our way. (Who are we to do such an effort, who gave you authority, it can’t be done.)

6.  We must make this a spiritual matter. We combine prayer and action together. 

The Nehemiah Initiative

1. Pray for and partner with our civic leaders

2. Offer spiritual care to those who serve us

3. Focus on specific areas of our city and begin to rebuild

4. Unashamedly share the Gospel in everything we do


1. Each minister and or church adopt a city official to pray for them.

2. Begin developing a chaplaincy ministry for all first responders and city hall.

3. Have periodic work days (Big Day of Service) for community revitalization and restoration.

4. Lead Altus in a 40 Days of Prayer campaign

5. Continue to double our efforts until the work gets too big for God !!!!